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Anesthesia machine

Anesthesia machine is mechanical circuit of anesthetic drugs into patients through alveoli, formation of anaesthetic gases partial pressure, diffusion into the blood, and inhibitory effects on the central nervous system directly, so as to have the effect of general anesthesia. Anesthesia machines belonging to the semi-open anaesthetic apparatus. It mainly consists of anesthesia tank, flow meter, folding bellows breath, breathing circuit (including smoke, exhale one-way valves and manual air bag), corrugated pipe and other components.

Air anesthesia machine

The device is portable application, direct access to air and oxygen as the carrier gas, capable of breathing and breath control, meeting various kinds of surgery.

Its working principle is: after patients completed the induction of anesthesia, anesthesia machines and closed the air masks or tracheal tube connections. Inhale, anesthetic gas mixture through the open suction valve into the patient; exhale, exhale valve opens and suction valve closed, exhaust the exhaled gas. When using assisted or controlled breathing, using folding bellows. Inhale pressure, pull up on the exhale, ensure there is sufficient ventilation. And in light of actual needs, adjusting the ether switch in order to maintain a steady level of anesthesia.

Shortcoming of this device is the ether concentration is low, only as a maintenance of anesthesia, and the consumption of ether is bigger, cause environmental pollution.