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Characteristics of surgical lights

Operating lamp different from ordinary light is, in essence, to meet special requirements for surgery. A, operating room lighting requirements, two surgical lighting, safety, requirements for three, no shadow, four, luminescence require five, removable disinfection requirements. Surgical lights, including integral reflection operating lamp and two-hole surgery lamp series, integral reflection operating lamp and lamp and single lamp holes by letter lamp and single lamp surgery lights in two sizes. 

Surgery lamp, can to operating room lighting brightness provides guarantee, operating room surgical physician must can precise of tell profile, and color and mobile, so need close daylight quality of light strength, at least for 100,000 as degrees of light strength, surgery lamp on can provides single lamp maximum up 150,000 as degrees of brightness, and surgery lamp of brightness are can for no level regulation, in surgery process in the as met fault, can automatically switch alternate bulb, time for 0.3 seconds, so surgery lamp can provides security of surgery lighting. Surgery lamp through multilateral reflection device, can reached no shadow lighting requirements, this reflection surface by industrial stamping a times forming, reflective rate high 95%, formed a homologous beam, from lamp disc Xia 80 cm formed deep up operation district of beam ensure surgery of light brightness, no shadow, and in surgical doctor of shoulder, hand and head block part light Shi, still can keep very uniform.

Operating lamp to light and bright at the same time, avoid heat lamp through the new filter can be 99.5% of infrared composition filters, guarantee the arrival area light luminescence.