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Principle of x-ray generation

The bremsstrahlung of the electron, by bombarding metals with high energy electrons, electrons scored it a sharp slowdown in the process of, according to electromagnetism, accelerated charged particle radiation of electromagnetic waves, if the electron energy is large, such as millions of electron volts, can generate x-rays, this is by far the laboratories and factories, hospitals and other places with x-ray method.

Atomic Inner-Shell electron transitions can also produce x rays, the theory of quantum mechanics, electrons from a higher level to a lower transition radiation photons, if the energy difference of the level is high, x-ray photons can be issued.

X ray-the simplest method is to use accelerated electrons hit metal targets. Impact process, electrons decelerating abruptly, the loss of kinetic energy (1%) will be released as photons, form a continuous x-ray spectrum of parts, called bremsstrahlung. By raising the acceleration voltage, electrons carry energy increases, is likely to take the inner electrons of the metal atoms. Inner layer forming the cavity and outer shell electron jumps back to fill the void, while about releasing 0.1 nm wavelength of the photon. Because the outer electron transitions releasing energy is quantized, so the wavelength of the emitted photon is also concentrated in certain parts formed the x-ray spectrum characteristic of, called characteristic radiation.