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Advantages Of An Operating Table System

Unlike a mobile Operating table which is usually employed in hospitals with small operating departments, for example, in ambulant operating rooms, modern Operating table systems are characterised by their great mobility. They also have special table tops designed for a variety of surgical disciplines and, thanks to the ability to change these tops, they enable versatile use of an operating room. An Operating table system with a stationary column is more stable and more hygienic. The better transport options improve the patient flow from the patient transfer unit and the operating room considerably. Finally, Operating table systems with stationary columns enables control elements to be integrated into image procedures, for example, angiography, MR and CT.

Operating tables have been designed for all kinds of surgical operations and treatments. The wide range of additional equipment ensures optimal table configuration and safe positioning of patients during all surgical procedures. Ease-of-use, versatility and optimised access to the operating area increase working ergonomics for the surgical team.

High quality and proven technology of  Operating tables guarantee the patients’ safety. Intelligent electronics significantly facilitate control and increase accuracy of table positioning. The  mechanic and hydraulic Operating tables are based on highest quality, technical solutions from the world leading micro-hydraulics providers.