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Basic Principles Of X-ray Inspection System

Since 1930, x-ray technology has developed into one of the most important optical inspection technology. In optics, x-ray and natural light are electromagnetic waves, but the x-ray photon energy than visible light. It can penetrate objects visible light cannot penetrate and pass through objects at the same time the complex physical and chemical processes and materials, you can make the ionization of atoms, chemical reactions can even make certain substances produce light. According to the principle of light, if local flaws, it will change the object on the attenuation of the beam, causing transmission intensity changes.

Characteristics of x-ray x ray is a very short wavelengths of electromagnetic waves, is a photon wavelength of 10~10cm. X-ray inspection system on the basic principle of x-ray penetration is different from other chemicals. It penetrates the proportions and materials material, thickness and density. When stretching or fracture occurring within the steel cord conveyor belt, defective parts of the x-ray strength than the defect-free parts of the x-ray intensity. Due to the low absorptive capacity of the defective parts, so be sensitive optical instruments receives the x-ray intensity is higher.

We produce x-ray detection equipment, can implement features such as automatic loading and unloading, automatic detection, automatic OK/NG judgment, allow the operator to use to judge. And machine embedded ultra thick lead sheet protection, and no radiation leaks, safe and reliable operation. Kunshan e production of x-ray detection equipment can be used for SMT, BGA inspection, semiconductor, LED, lithium battery (metal, polymer), cast (cast aluminum, cast iron), plastic, plug-in, 3D analysis, automotive electronics, ceramics products, pharmaceutical products, food, agricultural seed selection.