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Buy X-RAY Equipment Need To Pay Attention To?

Buy X-RAY equipment need to pay attention to? The issues to consider is that many manufacturers. Next i will give you a brief introduction about the X-RAY test equipment choice considerations. Our production of X-RAY radiographic examination equipment for complex workpiece detection models, these X-RAY-ray inspection equipment using 6-axis design, can satisfy customers ' various demands for workpiece detection. Meanwhile, according to customer needs, 160KV light tube and the CT software, three dimensional reconstruction CT capabilities.

During operation but also the software is simple and easy to learn these factors. Of course also the defect recognition features, features such as automatic judgment NG/OK. Automatic analysis of defects, BGA-diameter, hollow, size and roundness are easily seen or counted out. So some actions not only users but also the X-RAY-ray equipment x-ray tubes, detectors can online 24-hour continuous use will be programmable to run.

We are mainly engaged in x ray detector, X-RAY-ray inspection equipment and other precision instrument design and manufacturing and sales of high-tech enterprises. Looking forward to your choice!