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Development Trend Of 21st Century Measuring Technology And Instrument

(1) technical innovation with digital equipment (such as spindle speed, accuracy)

The main error sources can be divided into geometric errors of CNC equipment (total of 21) and thermal errors. For repeated system errors, use the software correction; for random errors, use real-time correction method. For thermal errors, generally by temperature measurement is modified. China's machine tool industry market decline while imports of foreign equipment is one of the reasons is because the technology is not widely used. To this end, requires a high-speed multi-channel Laser Interferometer: its speed reaches above 60M/min, sampling speeds up to 5,000 times more than/sec, to meet the needs of geometric error measurement and thermal error. Real-time measurement for refractive index of air should reach 2x10-7-th level, synchronize their measurements and length measurement results can be fed into the computer.

(2) the operation and monitoring of the manufacturing process and online inspection technology

Using a combination of images, spectrum, spectrum, optical fiber and other light sensor has the principle of interaction between material and non-contact, high sensitivity, high flexibility and advantages wide application range. Innovation in this area world wide, such as vibration, roughness, pollutants, moisture content, size, and relative position.

(3) the coordination and production of information industry science technology innovation

In order to survive in the open environment of space, no independent innovation there is no way out. Should therefore be based on patents, technical content, market principles of selecting projects to be supported. According to the current development status of information, biomedical and environmental products, agriculture and other areas should be given priority support. As precision instruments of interventional therapy in the medical device, electronics Super-resolution optical lithography and mechanism of cleaning methods and research.