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Fuction Of An Infant Incubator--The Monitoring

An infant incubator is a piece of equipment common to pediatric hospitals, birthing centers and neonatal intensive care units. While the unit may serve several specific functions, it is generally used to provide a safe and stable environment for newborn infants, often those who were born prematurely or with an illness or disability that makes them especially vulnerable for the first several months of life.

Monitoring and observation equipment is often built into the infant incubator unit, according to "Clinical Engineering Handbook" by Joseph F. Dyro. These instruments can include cardiac monitors, brain-scan equipment, blood-monitoring equipment, thermometers and other instruments for observing vital signs. The consolidation of this equipment in one place minimizes the need to move and handle infants excessively. Also. Because of the small, enclosed environment, some data such as temperature and heart rate can be accurately measured without the need for invasive instruments.