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The Basic Anaesthesia Machine

Anesthesia machine is a kind of medical equipment necessary for hospital operation and first aid. The application management of anesthesia machine is an important content in medical equipment management and clinical anesthesia. The management level of anesthesia machine directly affects the smooth and safe operation of the operation , For ensuring the safety of patients with important practical significance.


The most important piece of equipment that the anaesthesiologist uses is the anaesthesia machine. Safe use of anaesthesia machine depends upon an interaction between the basic design of the machine with its safety features and the knowledge and skills of the anaesthesiologist. The basic function of an anaesthesia machine is to prepare a gas mixture of precisely known, but variable composition. The gas mixture can then be delivered to a breathing system. Anaesthesia machine itself has evolved from a simple pneumatic device to a complex array of mechanical, electrical and computer – controlled components. Much of the driving force for these changes have been to improve patient safety and user convenience. Though many modifications have been brought out still the basic design has not much changed. Hence, knowledge of the basic design of the anaesthesia machine is a must for all the practicing anaesthesiologists to understand the modern anaesthesia workstation.