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The Domestic Development Of Medical Equipment

20% of the 80% of China's medical resources are concentrated in big cities, people see a doctor are concentrated in large hospitals, resulting in overly long waiting times, hospital bed lacking. Improve the community health care network, masses of small community disease, disease hospital is to solve the difficult and expensive means of. Serious illness hospital, minor illnesses in communities is a more rational allocation of medical resources, community medical institutions will be preventive care, basic medical care, health education, community health services, disease control subjects.

Community health services in China is still at an early stage. In 2009, Chinese community health service centers and service stations accounted for 2.98% of the total number of health institutions, health professionals health professionals account for 4.52% only. Human resources situation of community medical institutions also have more room for improvement.

Community medical institutions from the facility, diagnosis and treatment, the objective conditions and there remains a large gap between the University Hospital. Community medical institutions lack of hardware and outdated equipment, the external environment is so bad that even affected the residents confidence, and many single, low level of community medical institutions, and general lack of general practitioner and senior personnel.