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The Key Instrument To Break The Control Of The Development Of China's Monopoly

XI JiaCheng, Director of the China instruments and meters Industry Association said recently that due to reasons such as access to skills gaps and difficulties, our automation control systems and field instrument currently has a low quality products mainly to domestic enterprises, high profile foreign-oriented products; medium and large scale projects abroad, small and medium projects of domestic market. 

In a sense it can be said that automatic control system and the key test equipment is becoming the bottleneck of equipment modernization in China. Therefore, the development of automatic control system for major projects and key precision test instruments to meet key construction projects and other significant (complete set) equipment is highly automated and intelligent needs, is a follow-up to the opinions of the State Council on accelerating the development of the equipment manufacturing industry an important part of, is of great significance.

Measurement and automation technology is the core of modern industrial technologies, one of the automatic control system and the key test equipment is an important part of major equipment. Such as energy and heavy chemical industry is a pillar industry of the industrial economy, power, petrochemical, metallurgical enterprise equipment, which is a variety of techniques and integration of different devices. 

Automatic control system and test equipment to monitor and control the whole process and product quality, ensure the safe and reliable operation of heavy equipment and the implementation of efficient optimization, is the nerve center of the whole equipment, operation centers and security barrier. No corresponding measuring and control equipment, large-scale and high parameters of, works complicates the modern industrial heavy equipment will not run.