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The Maintenance Of Mechanical Operation Table

After use, the operating table should be at the level of the table, the lowest position.

2, the operating table after use, should be clean and dry.

3, handle and not temporary attachments should be kept properly, do not leave.

4, the operating table pad can use 20% alcohol and 20% glutaraldehyde for cleaning and disinfection, after disinfection should be dry, and wipe off the splash on the pad.

5, the operating table before and after the operation, should be timely cleaning and disinfection, the use of non corrosive disinfectant for cleaning and disinfection, and in a timely manner with a rag to wipe away the residual liquid. The whole machine can be disinfected by ultraviolet light.

6, the operating table of the transmission part, should often add lubricating oil or vaseline, make operation easy.

7, the tank should be regularly cleaned up garbage or oil change, keep the oil clean. If frequently used, the tank should be cleaned once a year, usually at least once a year.

8, JT - 1 mechanical operation of the fuel tank is located in the base, if the need to clean the tank or maintenance needs, the outer shell and the inner shell. 9, operating table transport should be marked on the outer packing. The operating table should be stored in a room with a relative humidity of not more than 93% and no corrosive gas.

10, the factory visual conditions to provide users with the necessary accessories and information. 

11, the operating table in accordance with the conditions of storage and use, since the date of the factory within a year and a half (the use of a year) can not work normally, the production enterprise will be free for users to repair or replacement.