Portable Ultrasound Machine/wireless Ultrasound Probe

Product Details


·Display image in real time, frozen, amplified, black- white reversed, up/down conversed and shift depth in real time.
·Video output: PAL and VGA; large screen monitor, videocassette recorder, video image printer.
·Soft keyboard and track ball to make operation faster, convenient and flexible.
·Trolley structured with plastic cover. Switch power is used without working frequency transformer.
 . FPGA and SMT in the device make the device high integrated, small volume and light weight.
·The device passed clinical verifications of safety and diagnosis validity in its manufacturing country.
1. Ultrasound scanner:
v  Standard probe:60R/3.5MHz Multi-freq Convex Probe; 13R/6.5MHz Multi-freq Trans-vaginal;
v  Detecting depth:≥ 220mm;
v  Display mode: B; B+B; B+M; M;
v  Gray Scale: 256;
v  Image amplification: ×1.0; ×1.2; ×1.5; ×2.0;
v  Measurement: distance; circumference; area; heart rate; gestational week; fetal weight etc;
v  Annotation: time; date; ID; age; sex; detecting depth; probe type; focus; frame correlation etc;
v  English-Chinese conversion;
v  Cine-loop: 186
v  Obstetric table: BPD; CRL; GS; FL; AC; HC; FW; EDD;
v  Body marks: ≥10 types with probe position;
v  Monitor :14" CRT;
v  Power Supply: 100V~130V/220V~240V, 50/60Hz;
v  Net Weight: 40Kgs(including probe);
v  Dimension (mm): 910*760*900.
2. Imaging workstation specification:
v  Main board: Gigabyte G31M
v  CPU:INTEL Celeron 430 1.8MHz
v  EMS memory: Kingston800 1G
v  Hard disk: Western Digital 160G
v  Monitor: 19" LCD
v  Electromechanical: phillips+ GREATWALL
v  Keyboard: Lisheng
v  Mouse: double swallow optional mouse