Portable Veterinary Ultrasound Scanner For Pig/sheep/goat/cow/horse/dog Use

Product Details

UT-3018VL Veterinary Laptop Ultrasound Scanner

The device is a high resolution line/convex ultrasound scanning diagnostic device. It uses microcomputer control and digital scan converter (DSC), digital beamforming (DBF), real-time dynamic aperture (RDA), real-time dynamic receive apodization, real-time dynamic receive focus (DRF), digital frequency sweep (DFS), frame Related art to satisfy its image with clarity, stability and high resolution. Good quality image quality and thoughtful design can detect pregnancy and gynecological diagnosis comfortably, quickly and reliably under daily difficult field conditions. Fast and reliable detection of the 28th day of pregnancy, the 13th day of the mare, the 25th time of the sheep and the goat, the 18th of the pig (pregnancy control, ovarian examination, postpartum diagnosis) for the sex determination of the fetus, mare, sheep and goat.

The product uses a high-precision digital beamformer with integrated continuous dynamic focusing technology, dynamic multi-frequency aperture, dynamic filtering and dynamic apodization to ensure true and detailed images. Digital imaging technology, a powerful standard PC platform, and professional control panels not only meet the growing demand for clinical diagnostics, but also allow for system upgrades.


Display Mode: B, B/B, 4B, B+M, M.

Magnification: ×0.8, ×1.0, ×1.2, ×1.5, ×1.8, ×2.0.

Scanning depth: ≥ 170mm.

Blind area: ≤4mm.

Pre-treatment: variable aperture, dynamic apodization, dynamic digital filtering.

After treatment: 8 types γ correction, line correlation, frame correlation, point-line correlation, linear interpolation,

digital temporal filtering, digital enhancement Crochet, pseudo-color processing.

Dynamic range: 0~120dB adjustable.

Monitor: 10.8 inch LCD high-resolution.

Grey scale: 256.

Measuring function: Distance, perimeter, area, volume, ellipse measurement, heart rate, gestational weeks (BPD, GS, CRL, FL, HL, etc), expected date of confinement and so on.

Annotation: hospital name, patient’s name, gender and age, full-screen character annotation, real-time clock display.

Body marks: 8.

Puncture guide: displayed under B mode.

Gain control: 8 segments TGC and full gain can be adjusted respectively.

Image reverse: left/right, black/white, up/down.

Cine loop: 256.

Permanent storage: 128.

Image display: continuous playback, pieces of view Video

Output interface: SVGA, PAL, video recorder and Image workstation and etc, USB output.

Power: AC 220V±22V 50Hz

Input power: ≤ 300VA

Continuous work hours: ≥ 8h.