Full Digital Pregnant Portable Veterinary Ultrasound Equipment

Product Details


Sheep, cattle, horses, pigs, alpaca, felines, dogs, rabbits, fish, snakes, etc.


5" FTT-LED, wide vision, high brightness, high contrast, clear and delicate image.

Hand-held design, smart and lightweight, easy to carry and easy to detect.

OB measurements: cattle, horses, pigs, alpaca, sheep, goats, dogs, cats, rabbits EDD and GA.

Automatic calculation of pig's back fat and lean meat rate.

128 frames of permanent storage, 256 frames of movie loops.

Output: USB2.0, video (PAL-D, NTSC), connected to VCR and ultrasonic workstation.

Easy to print out various inspection images and reports.

Optional mouse operation is simpler.

AC and DC power supply, lithium battery capacity of 2600mA, can make the machine work for more than 180 minutes.