X Ray Machine With Advanced Flat Panel Detect

Product Details

1、Satisfy clinical requirements for the digital radiography on chest ,lumbar spine and limbs.


2、A-si flat panel detector ,realize full digital ,high-resolution images.


3、Perfect image procession software, with Tissue equalization technology ,ESA(exam specific algorithm) algorithm used to optimize raw image data for a particular type of exam.achieves the high resolution image .


4、integrated table design with excellent appearance,flexible mechanical arm movement makes it easy to do chest radiography and oblique photography.

Item      Parameters
Output Power     50kW
Frequency   200kHz
Dual-focus  small focus:0.6  large focus:1.2
Exposure Time    0.001-6.3s
Radiograhy tube voltage   40-150kV
Radiography tube current  10-630mA